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AstroTec AX60 - A new hybrid 3-way universal IEM for under $500? I'm getting excited..
翻译:AstroTec AX60 一种新的混合3路 通用IEM低于500美元?我感到兴奋..

So, I got to have a quick demo with these bad boys today:

I went into Noisy Motel today, to pick up some cables, and Billy showed me these to sample. I was a little wary - I already have my Westone ES3X, my Westone 3, my Wooduo 2, my ADDIEMs.. You get the picture. I'm pretty much not interested in buying any more IEMs at this stage.

These quick snaps from my phone aren't doing the aesthetics justice at all - they looked absolutely stunning. Brushed metal housing, clear braided cable, memory wire, even the 3.5 jack was the same colour as the IEMs themselves. Great attention to detail. Even my (non-audiophile) girlfriend was amazed by how they looked. Now THAT is saying something.

Despite my reluctance to try them, considering I feel that I thought I was "done" with IEMs for the time being - I was really blown away. It was only a quick test, but right off the bat, the stereo imaging was the first thing that hit me. The soundstage was wide, accurate, and downright spectacular. I've never heard an IEM do imaging quite so well. It really baffles me how this is possible in something so small.

I'm told that it's a three way - Dynamic low, BA mid, BA high. Apparently the TWFK driver was purpose built and tuned for this IEM - now you see why I'm getting excited.

Finally, an IEM that does bass properly. I'm yet to do my usual frequency sweeps to pick up "hot spots", but the sub-bass was amazing and clear, and that's usually an area I find that a lot of IEMs are "hit or miss" with. The entire low section sounded beautiful and flat, not mid-bass lumpy or muddy. It was stunning, clear, driving bass, that took a back seat when it was told to - definitely no seeping into the midrange.

The mids delivered accurate presentation, and I just couldn't stop gawking at the imaging. Vocals sounded lush, but not recessed.

The highs are definitely in balanced armature territory, no doubt about that. But there was something here that I instantly fell in love with. Not too sibilant, nothing spiking, but just clear sparkle and detail.

The crossovers sounded tight, and pinpoint accurate. This is crucial for me. Again, I need to do my extensive frequency sweeps and tests to verify exactly how they have done the crossover points, hopefully next week I'll get to do another demo.

Oh yeah, and the best part? Billy tells me that these will go for under $500 when they are released... What?!

Guys - consider me excited, and I will be updating this post when I get more details.

EDIT: Found some more details.

翻译:今天我走进嘈杂的汽车旅馆,拿起一些耳塞线材,比利向我展示了这些耳机样品。 我是有点担心 - 我已经有我的威士顿,我的Wooduo 2,我的ADDIEMs ES3X .. 你得到的图片。 我几乎没有兴趣在这个阶段购买任何更多的入耳。

这些快速从我的电话卡都没有做的美学司法 - 他们看起来绝对让人叹为观止。 金属拉丝外壳,清晰的记忆丝,编织线,甚至3.5插头与外壳本身的颜色也相同。 这真的非常注重细节。 即使他们如何看我的(非专业发烧友)的女友感到惊奇。 现在,正在说着什么。

尽管我不愿试戴,我觉得我想我是“做”与IEMS当时 - 我真的被吹走。 这只是一个快速测试,但马上蝙蝠,立体成像的第一件事就是打我。 音场宽,准确,简直是壮观。 我从来没有听说过一个的IEM做成像这么好。 我百思不得其解,这是怎么可能在这么小的东西。

有人告诉我,它的三路 - 动态低,BA中旬,教育程度高。 显然TWFK的司机是为特定目的建造和调整,这IEM - 现在你知道为什么我越来越兴奋。

最后,一个的IEM低音。 我还没有做我平时的频率扫描拿起“热点”,但次低音是惊人的,明确的,这通常是一个方面,我发现,很多IEMS“击中或错过”。 整个低部分响起美丽而扁平,块状或泥泞不中低音。 这是惊人的,清晰的,强劲的低音,采取了后座,当有人告诉 - 绝对没有渗入中音。

中频提供准确的呈现,我就不能停呆呆地看着成像。 歌声响起郁郁葱葱,但没有凹槽。

高音是在的平衡电枢领土,毫无疑问的肯定。 但是,有东西在这里,我立刻爱上了。 没有太多的咝咝声,没什么扣球,但只是明确的火花和细节。

交叉响起紧,特别准。 对我来说,这是至关重要的。 同样,我需要做广泛的频率扫描和测试,以验证他们是如何做的交叉点,希望下周我会得到另做演示。

噢,最好的部分是什么? 比利告诉我,这些都将低于500美元,当他们被释放...... 什么?

伙计们 - 认为我兴奋不已,我会更新这篇文章时,我获得更多的细节。


· Top cutting process metal cavity AX60 uses a full metal shell, ultra-high-precision imported equipment from finishing, abnormal shell texture and delicate and rich. It is no exaggeration to say that, AX60 products have the same level of the most sophisticated metal manufacturing process, every detail reflects on the quality of the Aspen Tsui precise, meticulous stringent requirements. · Unprecedented Galaxy special wire AX60 uses codenamed "Galaxy" as a new special wire, from the inside out by a five layer covering made of different materials, some of which is the use of materials and medical military aviation will be seen in high-end materials. Conductors are ultra-high purity HiFi grade material, to ensure that it has a super-class audio signal transmission performance, while high-quality multi-layer composite jacket materials to ensure that the wire has superior durability and flexibility, which takes stethoscope effect reduced to a negligible extent of excluding. · Rotary Interchangeable front acoustic duct Unique rotating interchangeable ago acoustics pipe design, let AX60 has a sound sense of hearing can always change user-friendly features, through a simple rotation around, you can remove and install the front acoustic conduit, switch to a different sound also changes the catheter . Transparent and bright and dynamic experience of the high-frequency low-frequency super feeling can be easily obtained by replacing the front duct. 4: Technical Specifications Bandwidth Range: 8 Hz - 28000 HzSensitivity: 110 dB/1mwImpedance: 12 OHMWire: 1.2m ± 0.3m Galaxy lineConnecting plug: Ф3.5mm stereo gold-plated plugRated power: 3 mWMaximum power: 10 mW


AX60采用了全金属外壳,超高精度进口设备整理,异常外壳质感和细腻丰富。 这是毫不夸张地说,AX60产品拥有同级别最先进的金属制造工艺,每一个细节都体现对品质的阿思翠精确,细致严格的要求的。


作为一种新的特殊线材,由内而外由五层,涵盖不同的材料制成,其中一些将出现在高端材料使用的材料和医疗军事航空。 导体是超高纯度的HiFi级材料,以确保它有一个超类的音频信号传输性能,而高品质的多层复合护套材料,以确保导线具有优越的耐用性和柔韧性,以降低听诊器效应到可以忽略的程度,不包括。


独特的旋转可互换的前声学管设计,让AX60有声的听感,可以随时更改用户友好的功能,通过一个简单的左右旋转,你可以删除安装前声导管,切换到一个不同的声音,也改变了导管。 透明明亮,高频低频超有感觉的动感体验,可以很容易地获得通过更换前管道。

带宽范围:8赫兹 - 28000赫兹
灵敏度:110 dB/1mw


原文链接 http://955.cc/nM6M

Astrotec AX60 | Thoughts and Prospective Tour
翻译:Astrotec AX60思想和前瞻性 巡回


TBH, I haven't been the biggest fan of Astrotec --- they always seemed to have great potential, but again always seemed to deliver just short of that promise. I've also not been a great fan of hybrid dynamic/BA IEMs. However, ever since the AKG K3003released in 2011, it has set the portable audio industry and its peripheral blogosphere ablaze --- from its price to its hybrid dynamic/BA form factor, it has sparked discussion and even controversy. There’s no denying that the K3003 is a landmark earphone, for better or for worse. Companies have been using it as both a technical and pricing, spawning multiple $1000+ flagship IEMs in recent years. However, at their core, hybrids prove to be really difficult to pull off well, and really only the $1000+ models (e.g. AKG K3003, Tralucent 1Plus2) seemed to do well, and even they have exhibited some shortcomings.

I was hopeful, however, when VSONIC announced that they were working on their own dynamic/BA hybrid model. Then, like with many of their products, they pulled the chair out from under us. Through some acquaintances, I learned that the likely reason was that Astrotec had actually patented the dynamic/dual BA design in China already and could potentially block sales of VSONIC's product in China. Months later, the AX60 was announced, looking a lot like the AKG K3003.



TBH,我还没有去过的最大的风扇Astrotec ---他们似乎总是有很大的潜力,但是又似乎总是对我的承诺只提供短。 我也没有混合动力/ BA IEMS一个伟大的球迷。 然而,自从在2011年发布的AKG K3003,便携式音频行业及其外围博客圈闪亮---其混合动力/ BA的外形它的价格,它引发的讨论和争议。 无可否认,K3003是一个具有里程碑意义的耳机,或好或坏。 公司一直在使用它作为一个技术和价格,产卵多 1000 +旗舰入耳,在最近几年。 然而,在他们的核心,混合动力汽车被证明是真的很难拉断,真的只有1000 +型号(如AKG K3003,Tralucent 1Plus2)似乎做的很好,他们甚至已经表现出一些不足之处。

我希望,然而,当VSONIC宣布,他们正在对自己的动态/ BA混合模型。 然后,他们的许多产品一样,把他们拉到椅子下我们。 通过一些熟人,我了解到,可能的原因是Astrotec实际上已经申请了专利动态/双BA在中国的设计已经和可能阻止VSONIC的产品在中国的上市。 个月后,宣布AX60,找了很多像AKG K3003。

The AX60 utilizes the same configuration as the K3003, but with a few differences. It too uses a TWFK driver from Knowles, though it is a custom-ordered version exclusive to the design of the AX60. The 10mm dynamic driver, according to Astrotec, is also custom developed for the AX60 to bring maximum synergy between it and the balanced armature drivers. In addition, the earpiece shells themselves are rumored to be produced by the same company that produces the earpiece shells of the K3003.

Astrotec's history of being "almost there, but not quite" made me have my doubts about the AX60, and the funky-looking strain reliefs, as well as the clear, amateurish-looking cable gave me pause, but morbid curiosity took over and I took the plunge for one. I didn't buy it at full cost (full retail price is 1999 RMB, which is approximately $325 USD), as it was a open box item that was missing a few accessories, including the second set of exchangeable filters, so I thought it was at least worth a try.

To me, the main design differences between the AX60 and the K3003, aside from the BA and dynamic driver core technologies, were the housing shape (tapered reverse horn versus stepped design), and the acoustic tubing extension from the BA driver to the nozzle exit ---- things that would certainly create differences in sound signature, but also translate definite similarities as well. At the asking price of 1999 RMB, the AX60 is also the most expensive of the "K3003 clones" (like the T-PEOS H-200 and DUNU DN-1000) that have come out in recent times, but also seems to be of the highest quality.

翻译:AX60采用相同的结构为K3003,但有一些差异。 它也使用一个TWFK的驱动程序从诺尔斯,虽然它是一个定制的有序版本独家设计AX60。 10mm的动态驱动程序,根据Astrotec,也是定制开发AX60带来最大的协同效应之间的平衡电枢驱动程序。 此外,耳机壳本身被传言将生产的同一家公司生产的K3003耳机壳。

Astrotec被历史“几乎没有,但不相当”做了我有我的疑虑有关AX60,和的时髦外观的应变浮雕,以及在明确的,业余的前瞻性电缆给我暂停,但病态的好奇心了过来和我一个花了一大笔钱。 我没买全成本(完整的零售价是1999元,这是约为325美元),因为它是一个开放的框项目,缺少一些配件,包括第二套交换过滤器,所以我认为这至少是值得一试的。

对我来说,设计的主要差异在AX60和K3003,除了BA和动态驱动器的核心技术,是房屋形状(锥形反向喇叭与阶梯设计),和声学油管延伸从BA的驱动程序,以喷嘴出口----东西肯定会创建声音签名的差异,而且还翻译一定的相似之处。 要价1999元,AX60也是最昂贵的“K3003克隆”(如T-PEOS H-200,达音科DN-1000)的纷纷问世,在最近的时代,但也似乎是最高的质量。


I don't have the time/energy to provide a full, coherent review, but my full, private thoughts, slightly reorganized for better readability are here (hidden for those who are on the tour and want to keep unbiased, but you can read them if you really want):

Thoughts on the Astrotech AX60 (Click to show)

The short summary is that the Astrotec AX60 has an enjoyable sound signature that will most likely appeal to the mainstream audience, but won't satisfy those looking for a true flagship experience a la K3003 or Tralucent 1Plus2.


简短的摘要是,Astrotec AX60有一个愉快的声音签名的,将最有可能的主流观众的吸引力,但不会满足那些寻找一个真正的旗舰体验LA K3003或Tralucent 1Plus2的。


The Astrotec AX60 is not quite my preferred IEM in signature, finish, and form factor, but I've noticed many people that I've let listen to it have remarked that they enjoy it a lot, some even more than the K3003. So, rather than have it sit on my shelf collecting dust, I've decided to organize a tour. I have access to a K3003, but do not own one, and thus my comparisons between it and the AX60 will be inevitably less mature than those of members who are actual owners of the AKG flagship. I also spoke with an Astrotec representative about this tour idea and they've graciously offered to swap out my open box item for a full retail item, which I'll be passing around on the tour in lieu of the old item.

First priority is given to owners of the AKG K3003, as the AX60 is really an homage to the K3003.
Second priority is given to owners of the Tralucent 1Plus2, Aurisonics AS-2, T-PEOS H-200, as well as any other TWFK/dynamic hybrid IEM, like the DUNU DN-1000 (though I doubt anyone has this model yet, unless you live in China).
Special exceptions are given to members that I personally am acquainted with, have very good reputation on this forum, and have high levels of buyer/seller feedback.
To keep things flowing, tour length for each member is a maximum of ten days (excluding transit time). Members will be given an additional two-week period to post thoughts. Longer lengths will be granted on a case-by-case basis for members desiring to write lengthier thoughts (>5000 words).
Tour Impressions are free for members to divide and format, though I hope that members can give an assessment on the overall value of the AX60. As can be expected with "common sense", impressions should be qualified by logic and reason, underscored only by hints of gut instinct and emotion.

Terms and conditions of the tour are subject to change at the owner's discretion.

To sign up for this tour, please PM me with the subject line "AX60 Tour", with your location, and "qualifications" (i.e. own K3003, etc.) in the body of the message.

A maximum of 10 members will be included for this tour, with the option for more after the conclusion of the initial tour batch.


Astrotec AX60并不完全是我的首选IEM签名,光洁度,和形式因素,但我发现很多人,我已经让听它说,他们享受了很多,有的甚至超过K3003。 因此,而不是它坐在我的货架上收集灰尘,我已经决定要组织一个旅游。 我有机会到K3003,但没有自己一个人,,从而我它和AX60之间的比较将是不可避免的成熟程度不及那些AKG旗舰的实际业主的成员是谁。 我也谈到Astrotec代表,以了解这次巡演的想法,他们慷慨地提供了完整的零售项目,我将通过在巡回赛上的代替旧的项目中换出我开盒项目。

第一优先考虑的是AKG K3003的业主,AX60是一个真正的K3003致敬。


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